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Princess Bebop.
Bebop. Photographed by my roommate.
Joel made a GIF of Bebop! I love my little bun.
I really love this animal. Four days away felt like an eternity. 
B and I are doing some late-night writing. 

Rabbits aren’t Easter toys. They can live between 8 and 12 years and they certainly aren’t the most suitable pets for children. 

I adopted my rabbit after her previous owner grew tired of her and passed her off on a few caring individuals. 

But this post isn’t just about rabbits, it’s about all pets. I’m sick of seeing so many people purchase or adopt pets they end up getting tired of or can’t even afford to care for. Think before you open up your home to a pet. If you’re willing to surrender them out of boredom or can’t afford the potential vet bills — you’re not ready. 

Bebop doesn’t give one single shit about my picture-taking attempts. She’d rather use me as a ladder. 
Look at this little fluffy nugget.