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If I keep myself in the right state of mind I don’t think I’ll miss you that much when you’re gone. But then I remember all of the little bits of what having you here is like. Those inane little bits that don’t make any sense, not even to me. I don’t even know how this all started. I’m disappointed in myself for getting attached to you. And I’m disappointed in you for getting so attached to me. I won’t bother you when you’re gone and I won’t say I’ll be here waiting when you get back. Two years ago I would have been angry with myself and marked this feeling as falling for your tricks. But this time around I can surely say there haven’t been any tricks to fall for and I feel genuinely close to you. For the second time now, I can say that you’re always going to be a very strange part of my life. I never quite understood it, but I enjoyed every odd second of it. 

The aquamarine color of my bath water tricks me into thinking it’s going to soothe my hangover. I don’t even know how it gets to be that color in my tub. It’s as if my retro-never-going-to-be-clean-no-matter-how-hard-I-try apartment plays a trick on me. The water around here is terrible too. It’s only drinkable at freezing temperatures and slightly metallic to the tongue. 
There’s this weird part of me that really likes bathtubs and the lighting in some bathrooms. Specifically older homes and apartments. There is usually a window or a light source that yellows the scene or makes it dim. I can recall instances of telling certain bathroom owners that their bathtubs were prime for photographin’. This was obviously back when I had hobbies. Aside from being creeped out, no one ever seemed interested. 
Well anyway, I have better things to do today than write about my lust for ancient bathtubs. 

That pillow is my life. Ask the men I have dated. I’d rather cuddle it than them. 

I need some advice and a possible monetary donation for what I should do for internships this summer. I’m so utterly lost.

HJ: Girl, I love you. Thanks for all the times you have forced me to go out on nights when I wasn’t up for it (every night), fed me all those drinks, yelled at gross boys that were hollerin’, mentored me in CC and life, told me it was OK to feel sad or mad (Sometimes I forget that’s an OK feeling)… This list seriously goes on. I’d do anything for you and you are by far the best pal a gal could have. I’ve never had someone believe in me so much. We’re an unbeatable duo and I think the whole world knows it.  
Fran Drescher style inspiration. Enjoy my tummy, cause ya’ll will never see it in the real world. "Dis 1 goz out 2 all mi h8rz" 
For some reason, people thought I was really cool in high school. This guy was two grades below me and probably my biggest fan. Great kid. Someone actually added me on FB because of this reply to the question. Mind you, they’re like 17. Too bad it’s three years later and the only people who think I’m cool are all 16. And since I’m tooting my own horn… I was voted “Cutest Girl” and “Most Unique” in my senior class. So I get to be doomed to ugliness at our high school reunions. Oh high school, those were the days. I think it’s time to post some pictures of me from homecoming court 2006, 2007 and prom court 2008. Those are real treats. 
Me and my friend Meredith before Prom 2008, my senior prom. We were both on court and she ended up being our prom queen! I’m trying to look through my archives to find my photo of me with my super nerdy bff date. He had longer hair then me! All of our actual senior prom court photos are at home, I’m scanning them from yearbooks and such next time I’m home. Also, homecoming photos will be scanned as well. 
Me with my senior prom date. I didn’t go to my junior prom because I didn’t think it sounded exciting, so when I got nominated for court my senior year I asked my closest guy friend at my high school to be my date. He was also my “date” for homecoming, figured I’d keep it going. John’s hobbies included playing Magic The Gathering, WOW, reading poetry and practicing sword fighting and archery in his back yard. 
Seriously high school, you were sort of fun. Me and Doug practicing our dance number for Bye Bye Birdie my senior year. 
Drama club practice :(  
Love my fellow PRETTY DARN CUTE (Professional Development Committee) member. MARIS and I after a whole day in the office.
Marie, Jenny and I. All of us look like we’ve had a long day.CARDCOMM bby.
Kellye and I eating JellyBelly’s.
Decided to capture myself in the sunlight.
Dogsitting all day. He only stops crying when I pet him. It’s going to be a long day.